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Promo Pads Ltd. are launching the first custom tabletop ordering system in Europe. We increase your revenues whether you are a bar, café or restaurant; we increase speed; reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction. A digital menu is located on each table and linked to our main tablet behind the counter. Our product is hassle-free with no changes to your existing EPOS or traditional cash registers. Customers can order directly using the tabletop menu without leaving their seat. How convenient!

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Corporate Ethics

Promo Pads prides ourselves on being a socially responsible company, supporting local charities and causes, and working hard to be a force for good in society.

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26 Jun

Drinks Industry Has Potential For €1.7 Billion Additional Tourist Spend

A recent report by the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland, highlights the significant revenue generated for the economy by this sector. Here's a summary of the key findings: • Ireland is home to 14,324 public houses, licensed restaurants, off-licenses, licensed hotels, producers and wholesalers. • The hospitality sector employs almost 210,000 people and makes up 10% of all jobs in the economy. • €2.9Bn in wages is generated by the hospitality sector. • Over 40% of Irish tourism originates from the UK, and 2017 has seen a worrying 6.5% decline in numbers compared to 2016. • Excise and VAT from…

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20 Jun

How to Open a New Bar, Café or Restaurant

So you have found yourself asking how to open a new restaurant? Opening a new bar, café or restaurant can be a very exciting time. But to reach the point where the doors are actually open and you have customers, requires a lot of hard work and can take from a few months to much more than a year. The time to setup will depend upon what type of premises you want to open, its location and size. The first question! The first question you need to answer is actually a choice between two questions. Too often people decide on…

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19 Jun

We’ve been shortlisted!

News just in from InterTrade Ireland : Promo Pads, shortlisted for the 2017 Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition. We are thrilled to have just received the news that Promo Pads has been shortlisted for the 2017 Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition. The Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition not only offers a total cash prize of €280,000, it helps companies get investor ready, and introduces them to valuable networks. The calibre of entries is excellent and the competition we are up against is very tough, so it's a huge privilege to be shortlisted. The regional finalists will be announced on September 22nd, so here’s…

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10 Jun

How to market your restaurant, bar or café: 5 marketing tools and services everyone in the food & drink services industry should be using

Do you find that competition among bars, cafes and restaurants is fierce? In comparison to other SME’s, the food and drink service sector is recognised as having significant failure rates. We’ll cover the reasons for business failure and more importantly how you can help avoid the causes in a later blog post, but for now we’re going to focus on restaurant marketing ideas and how to attract customers to your bar, café or restaurant. This is not just fundamental for basic revenue, but also to help overcome charges like the new ‘sunshine tax’; centralised charges for streetside catering…ughh… It was…

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05 Jun

Go Green! 10 ways to make your restaurant, bar or café more eco-friendly

Today is World Environment Day and the environment is in vogue with customers, so we thought we’d share some simple sustainability practices, hints and tips on making your bar, café or restaurant more eco-friendly. Creating a sustainable business is not just a good idea for the environment and our kids; creating a sustainable business is good for business! The food and drink service sector uses a lot of energy and water, a lot of durable and consumable goods and of course, creates a lot of waste. There are approximately 7000 pubs, 4000 restaurants and over 500 coffee shops in Ireland…

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17 Jul

And We’re Off!

Exciting times ahead! Promo Pads is creating the first custom tabletop Point of Sale system in Europe. We can't wait to start solving problems for the food and drink industry. Our development project has already started, with the support of the Kildare Local Enterprise Office and European Structural and Investment Funds under the regulations for De Minimis Aid, and is on track for our launch. To see how far Point of Sale has come, check out our infographic.

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27 Jun


It's always sad when someone you care about leaves. Like many others, we at Promo Pads were very surprised to awake on Friday 24th June and learn that the British people had voted to leave the EU. While we certainly hoped that the UK would remain an EU partner, we understand that our supporters in the UK are not going anywhere, and like us you will still be here, doing business despite any uncertainty over the next few years. Nonetheless, for a while at least Brexit will bring some uncertainty; many reports are predicting that the British Pound might fall…

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We are currently seeking investment and welcome enquiries from potential full or contributory investors. But we don’t give our numbers away to just anyone, so you’ll have to contact us for more information! Please use our contact form or email us to get in touch.

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