Promo Pads® is the first dedicated Internet of Things advertising platform in the world. We are merging the two sides of the global advertising industry; Online and Offline.

While online advertising in the 90's and 00's became effective at reaching individuals, we rarely knew their accurate location physically or in the purchasing cycle.

PromoPads® empowers you to reach your customers in context, in specific locations, at specific times as close as possible to the moment of truth. Our network is directly accessible through our website and apps, at online rates.

We bring the capability to generate audience engagement in new and exciting ways and maximise the effectiveness of your advertising budget while avoiding the online challenges of ad fade and ad blocking software. True real-time advertising, in context, to people you know have disposable income.


Advertise at The Moment of Truth

Less Budget Wastage

More Audience Engagement

What We Offer


  • Reach your target customers as close as possible to the moment of truth.
  • Serve your advertisements in-context, in specific locations, at specific times.
  • Display at standard, early, midday or late peak times.
  • True real-time advertising. Share your news as it happens.
  • Captive and Transient audience engagement.


  • Reach your audience with minimal budget wastage, when you know they have disposable income.
  • Next-Generation premium advertising at cost effective rates, with convenience and scalability to suit your needs.
  • You only get charged for the impressions which display, and at peak times you serve more than the purchased number of impressions.
  • Your audience is directly interacting with the PromoPad® touch screens which display your advertisements.


  • Our network of devices provides real, tangible, non-advertising benefits to end-users, so your ads are not being served aimlessly.
  • Link products and discounts to your ad; sampling campaigns and discounts offer audience benefits.
  • Still image and video ads, spread internally and externally across premises create astounding impact.
  • Seeing your ad in a traditional setting builds trust that yours is a stable and reputable brand.


  • We enforce quality standards to ensure that PromoPads® are positioned to give your ads optimal visibility without intruding on the audience’s social experience.
  • We do not allow sound on our devices, to ensure that your audience is enjoying their social experience and are receptive to your campaign.
  • Our minimum impression time is 30 seconds, to ensure your ad has sufficient time for direct audience engagement and that rotating inventory does not interfere with the environment.
  • We conduct mystery diner audits on business premises, to ensure that your ads are displaying in public areas with device units in reasonable quantities per location.