6 ways to boost your bar, café or restaurant sales this summer

Business in the food and drink service industry can fluctuate. The number of customers generally reflects the economy status: it increases or remains steady in a good economy; and it declines in a troubled economy. But seasonal changes can also have an impact on business in restaurants, bars and cafés.

The good news is that, due to an increase in tourism in most cities and nice weather encouraging people to eat/drink out more often, the food and drink service industry tends to bloom in the summer months. Hotels also see an increase in business during summer, so restaurants, bars and cafés located in or around busy hotels might notice an increase in business.

So if you haven’t developed your summer plan yet, below are some simple changes and ideas to boost your bar, café, or restaurants sales this summer.

  • Create a Summer-Friendly Menu

  • A special summer menu, only available in the warmer months, could give your restaurant, bar and café a boost in sales. Customers are likely to look for summer foods such as salads, seafood, BBQ and berries. Incorporate seasonal fruits and veggies into your dishes, and replace heavy foods with crisp salads and tasty smoothies. Don’t forget to add a selection of iced coffees and/or cold beers to the menu!

  • Promote Your Summer Menu

  • Your website and social media are the best places to feature your summer-friendly menu, so don’t be shy showing it off! Fruit, ice and color are your three key ingredients this summer. As you add fresh new menu items, make sure you update your website with photos frequently. Don’t forget to share them on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; and encourage your customers to share them too!

  • Upgrade Your Décor for Summer

  • Does your restaurant, bar or café have an outdoor sitting area? If so, tune it up with new flowers, plants, cheerful umbrellas and décor. If you don’t have an outdoor sitting area, a summer upgrade to your premises’ look is still important. It can be something as simple as ordering some colorful new plants or tablecloths… whatever works for your budget!

  • Launch a Summer Promotion Campaign

  • Who doesn’t love a good deal? Summer is the perfect time for your restaurant, bar or café to launch a summer promotion campaign. You could introduce a special summer discount code or a 2-for-1 promotion on certain dishes or cold drinks.

  • Host Live Music or Add Summer Songs to Your Playlist

  • Holding events during the summer months, such as live/outdoor music and other fun entertainment is likely to attract customers and increase sales. However, if your premises can’t facilitate live music, adding some upbeat summer hit songs to your playlist could do the trick. Give your customers the full summer experience!

  • Summer = Extra – Daytime Hours

  • During summer, the nights begin and end at a later time. Take advantage of that extra summer daylight! Extend your business hours, and don’t forget to update your hours on your online listings. According to recent data, 25% of businesses extend their hours during the summer months but only 1% change the hours on their Google listings.

    These 6 tips can help you boost your restaurant, bar or cafés sales this summer. Do you have more summer-friendly, business-boosting ideas to share? Please leave your comment below.

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