It’s always sad when someone you care about leaves. Like many others, we at Promo Pads were very surprised to awake on Friday 24th June and learn that the British people had voted to leave the EU. While we certainly hoped that the UK would remain an EU partner, we understand that our supporters in the UK are not going anywhere, and like us you will still be here, doing business despite any uncertainty over the next few years. Nonetheless, for a while at least Brexit will bring some uncertainty; many reports are predicting that the British Pound might fall up to 20%, with the consequent impacts on economic activity that will bring. Perhaps even another recession in the UK & EU. The big question of the day…What Now?

Promo Pads Point of Sale Advertising Brexit What Now?

Considering this possibility, we at Promo Pads would like to highlight that subscribers to our mailing list are less worried than most! Clients of our tabletop ordering system are looking forward excitedly to our 2017 launch, recognising that Promo Pads will increase food and drink sales by up to 10%, reduce table turnaround times by up to 10%, and that we offer two additional revenue streams to food & drink businesses’. Our tabletop ordering clients are comfortable and safe in the knowledge, that Promo Pads’ “Dine” system offers a safety buffer against potential negative impacts of Brexit or indeed any other unforeseen circumstances that might affect sales. Clients of our Advertising offering (Some of whom will also use our digital menus in their business) can relax in the knowledge that we’re slashing Out of Home advertising prices (For the first time worldwide directly competitive with online advertising prices!), improving audience engagement and providing a new level of Out of Home advertising convenience through our online interface; our clients from 2017 will be able to reach many more potential customers, exactly when they need to, at much less cost and much more effectively than current channels. But Promo Pads is not just a regular startup. Just like you we’re tired of suffering from bad customer service elsewhere, so we’re setting out to build more than just a business. In uncertain times our system is your business shock-absorber against economic black swans, and in the good times we help you climb the ladder to success. To join us, simply register using our form at the bottom of the screen. The future for the UK and EU is still bright, and if it gets tough, we’ll weather it together!

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