Drinks Industry Has Potential For €1.7 Billion Additional Tourist Spend

A recent report by the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland, highlights the significant revenue generated for the economy by this sector.

Here’s a summary of the key findings:

• Ireland is home to 14,324 public houses, licensed restaurants, off-licenses, licensed hotels, producers and wholesalers.

• The hospitality sector employs almost 210,000 people and makes up 10% of all jobs in the economy.

€2.9Bn in wages is generated by the hospitality sector.

• Over 40% of Irish tourism originates from the UK, and 2017 has seen a worrying 6.5% decline in numbers compared to 2016.

• Excise and VAT from the sector provide €2.3Bn to the state, but Irelands high excise tax risks jobs, damage to tourism, and is a cost to consumers during the uncertainty of Brexit.

The report also highlights the significant tourist revenue generated in each constituency through the hospitality sector. We tabled this information below, with a column indicating the potential revenue increase for hospitality businesses through adoption of a tabletop ordering system.

You can read the full report here.

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