Tabletop Ordering

PromoPads® Dine is the only custom digital tabletop ordering system in Europe. Our Dine tabletop solution increases revenues whether you are a bar, café or restaurant; increases speed; reduces errors and wastage, reduces table turnaround times, and reduces overheads. All while increasing customer satisfaction.

A digital menu is located on each table and linked to our main tablet behind the counter, operating alongside and complementing your existing EPOS or traditional cash register. Customers can order directly using the tabletop menu without leaving their seat. How convenient!

‘Dine®’ Tabletop Ordering

More Speed, More Revenue, Less Errors, Loyal Customers

What We Offer


  • Table top ordering increases revenue.
  • Stop losing sales because customers dont want to re-queue or wait for service.
  • When customers can order at the table, they simply order more.
  • Promote special offers and products on the digital menus to influence your customers.
  • All they need to do to order more food, more drinks, more dessert, is reach out a hand.


  • No more delays caused by queues or customers waiting for staff.
  • Reduced table turnaround times increases your turnover during busy periods.
  • Increased productivity and more process efficiency reduces your overheads.


  • Customers order directly at the table, reducing errors from table to kitchen.


  • Free up your staff to engage and interact with customers, creating a more pleasant environment.
  • Customers are becoming less patient every year, with PromoPads® there are no more queues.
  • When the PromoPad® is not being used it displays silent background ad images.
  • You can select image types to prevent them appearing on the screens.
  • There is also an Opt-Out button which allows customers to blank their screen.
  • Our tabletop PromoPads® don’t allow sound, remaining unobtrusive.
  • Customers can easily dim their screen.


  • PromoPads® Light package operates alongside your existing EPOS and Software, it does not affect your existing security.
  • The PromoPad® does not store any payment data and presents no security risk if lost or stolen.
  • The PromoPad® device casing is designed to prevent physical interference.
  • In the event that a PromoPad® is damaged or stolen, we will replace it free of charge.


  • No complicated fee structure.
  • Flat monthly license fee for the standard Dine® system.
  • No capital investment cost, we provide Dine® as a no-cost, no-risk, hassle-free introduction to tabletop ordering.