We will be launching our Seed Round in the second half of 2017 and welcome enquiries from potential full or contributory investors. But we don’t give our numbers away to just anyone, so you’ll have to contact us for more information! Please use our contact form or email us to get in touch.


Promo Pads® is not simply an app or piece of software. We’re much bigger than that!

Our introductory ‘Dine®’ tabletop product for bars, cafes and restaurants is new to Europe, but similar products have already been validated and proven extremely successful in the US market.

Our value proposition to the owners and operators of European bars, cafes and restaurants is simple; We directly increase your revenue, reduce your wastage, and provide data which you cannot get anywhere else to help you make more money.

Our value proposition to end users, the customers of our food service clients is also simple; You no longer have to queue or wait for a server. We provide discounts and offers available within and outside the premises.

Our value proposition to you, the investor, is where it gets really interesting! Please use our contact form or email us to get in touch.

To date Promo Pads® has raised investment from founder’s funds, friends & family, and start-up supports. We will be conducting our Seed Round in the second half of 2017.

Our Executive and Non-Executive directors have managed projects with values up to €20 million; rolled out advertising and public display networks with thousands of devices; managed international ICT Operations; previously served as directors of International companies which sold for hundreds of millions and have worked in mass media, sales and marketing across Europe.

We have also assembled a highly qualified panel of advisors and professional services in relevant industries ranging from Payment processing & PCI Compliance to Legal & Financial.

We commenced recruiting during Q1 2017, focusing on hiring only the highest quality people, while running lean in all possible ways. Curious? Please contact us for more information.

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